Turn pictures into PDFs, and more!

Welcome to PicturePDF.com

Have you ever received a picture from someone and when you tried to print it, it came out REALLY BIG or really small?

Has anyone ever sent you scanned documents and you couldn’t print them correctly because they were images instead of PDFs?

Have you ever tried to send someone a document by taking a picture of it with your smartphone and the recipient told you that it was no good because it was the wrong format?

PicturePDF.com is here to solve these problems.

To convert pictures to PDF files:

1 – Send an email with the picture(s) to convert@PicturePDF.com

2 – Wait a few minutes to receive your file attached to an email message!

That’s it! All major image types (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF and TIFF) are converted automatically. Each image will be placed on a separate page of the PDF. If there are any problems converting the pictures to a PDF, you will receive an email with the error.

You do not need to install ANY software on your computer!

The maximum for a single image is 10,000,000 bytes. Typical scanned images and smartphone camera pictures will convert without a problem. You can send an email to convert@PicturePDF.com from your phone, tablet or computer. The PDF will be sent back to the same address – no special subject line or other instructions are needed – every image is converted and sent right back to you.

Your pictures and the PDF are NOT saved on the PicturePDF.com server – all emails, images and documents are removed as soon as the conversion is done.

“Convert Pictures to PDF at www.PicturePDF.com” is listed on each PDF page, but there are no restrictions on use of the PDF – they are your pictures!

A paid subscription may be available in the future for additional features, but the basic service is absolutely FREE.

This is a brand new site under rapid development. Please come back soon to see new features.

If you would like to receive updates of new features, please send a message to info@PicturePDF.com

PicturePDF.com is a product of Smart Computer Co., Inc. For more information about Smart Computer Co., Inc., please email us at info@smartcomputerinc.com or visit www.smartcomputerinc.com.

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